op14closeAt Marceau & Associates we offer comprehensive maintenance and service for pipe organs of all makes and sizes. Some of the many instruments we service include the names of: Aeolian-Skinner, Austin, Balcom & Vaughan, Holtkamp, M.P. Moller, Reuter, Schantz, Schoenstein, E.M. Skinner, and many more.

New Instruments

A new pipe organ is a thing of timeless beauty and craftsmanship. We are one of only a few shops in the Northwest building new pipe organs in addition to our maintenance services. Our shop will guide your institution through all of the design processes needed to provide you with an instrument worthy of being called "The King of Instruments." Give your church or institution the musical gift of a life time. Experience the richness and vibrant beauty of the "Marceau Sound" and inquire today

Rebuilding, Additions, and Restoration

With so many new instruments being built each year it is easy to forget about the rich and important legacy of the past. For many churches and institutions a new pipe organ is just not possible. Rather than compromising with an electronic instrument whose life span and aural qualities can not compare to a genuine pipe organ, we offer many possibilites for each client to obtain a new or rebuilt pipe organ or provide new life for their existing instrument. Churches and institutions who already obtain a pipe organ will benefit from our custom rebuilding and restoration services. Instruments that have mechanical problems, speech or tonal problems, or have just lost their luster can be revitalized both tonally and mechanically with a fraction of the cost of a new pipe organ and significantly less than a new digital organ. From new pipes, old pipes, to chimes and control systems, we do it all!

Full Compass Tuning and Maintenance

We are very pleased to offer flexible maintenance agreements that will fit the needs of your instrument and your budget. An instrument regularly serviced will be a joy to play and will last more than a life time. With Marceau & Associates your instrument will receive the best professional service. With our unsurpassed service every last stop, including celestes, 32' stops, mixtures and mutations, will recieve meticulous care and attention. At each tuning visit each stop will be brought to proper pitch and precision tuned giving your instrument a renewed vibrance and clarity only possible on an organ that has been finely tuned.

At each seasonal service call we will also complete a full instrument systems check. Every last coupler, piston, cresecendo, expression, and indicator light will be examined for proper operation. We also check and perform routine maintenace on internal systems and equipment like the blower, relay and action components, tremulents, and wind systems. Upon completion of our work we will leave a report card explaining what work was done as well as maintenance items that will need special attention in the future. We will leave no stone unturned so that your instrument will perform at its absolute best!

Call today* and revive the beautiful voice of your pipe organ.

Voicing and Regulation

As years go by the rigors of tuning and age occasionaly affect the speech of organ pipes. Our highly skilled staff is capable of regulating and properly voicing your pipe work to bring it back to its original beauty. Once dull and lifeless stops, or overly bright and thin stops, can be renewed to a state of clarity and richness never thought possible. If your old organ is too hooty, tubby and inarticulate, or screeches and quacks from poor voicing give us a call and experience the enlightened glory of good pipe speech.

Cleaning, Moving, and Assessments

At Marceau & Associates we are always happy to schedule a visit and completely look over your instrument. We will work with you to discover exactly what will be needed to return your instrument to excellent condition or just offer some possibilities. We can offer you estimates for tuning and maintenance, or even estimates for larger projects. We are also glad to assess the value of your instrument for insurance purposes so your organ will remaind properly insured and protected. Remember that the value of an organ changes each year and will need to be insured accordingly.

As the needs of a particular congregation or music program change we are here to help your organ make the change with you. Pipe organs that have been in service for many years will benefit from a complete and thorough cleaning. Pipes will be specially washed and checked for proper speech. Windchests and other systems will be cleaned and evaluated for proper operation. If needed or desired we can also refinish the console and cabinetry of your instrument for a truely new appearance. A clean instrument will have a new lease on life and often a better sound.

Since a pipe organ has many thousands of expensive or priceless parts great care and attention to detail must be exercised in relocating one. Our company has the resources to safely move or store your instrument. If your are contemplating construction projects in or around your building be sure to contact us and make certain that your instrument will be properly protected. Damage to a pipe organ from construction can be costly and is preventable. Because our work is gauranteed you can rely on us for all of your pipe organ needs.

* Note: Cancellation of appointments or scheduled work without notice 24 hours prior to the arranged arrival time may result in cancellation fees.


Hear Marceau Opus VII

Hear Marceau Opus VII as featured on PipeDreams in a performance by Barbara Harbach.

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The shop, crew, and Opus IV, were the focus of a feature at Seattle Refined.

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