Messiah Lutheran in the Wedgewood neighborhood of Seattle (2013/2014)


IMG 0215This is how it was before we got started.


Those black round things on the "shelves" are speakers for the "organ" (a.k.a. appliance).










2014-02-20 13.47.41


This is the facade with only a few facade pipes in place.

Behind the facade are the Great chests. (Sean is standing on one of them.)

Behind and to the left you can see the Swell shutters, which are visible because the Swell chamber light is on.





2014-02-20 16




Here's a distance shot after the Subbass facade pipes have been added. (Pipe column in hemlock, mouth face and ears in mahogany.)


 before and after together at 756 px


Hear Marceau Opus VII

Hear Marceau Opus VII as featured on PipeDreams in a performance by Barbara Harbach.

listen-icon-smListen to excerpt #1.
listen-icon-smListen to excerpt #2.




See the shop in action

The shop, crew, and Opus IV, were the focus of a feature at Seattle Refined.

Read the article, and watch the video, here.

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