St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church
Issaquah, WA

Marceau and Associates Opus I

Marceau & Associates Opus I, 1979/92

 Great (I) Positiv (II) Pedal
8' Principal 8' Koppelflöte 16' Holzgedeckt
8' Holzgedeckt 4' Principal 8' Principal
4' Octave 4' Holzgedeckt 8' Holzgedeckt
4' Koppelflöte 2' Koppelflöte 4' Choralbass
2 ⅔' Nasard t.c. 1 ⅓' Lariogot 4' Koppelflöte
2' Super Octave 1' Sifflöte 2' Mixture II
1 ⅗' Tierce t.c. ⅘' Terzian II 8' Trumpet
1' Mixture III 8' Trumpet 4' Trumpet
8' Trumpet

The pipe organ for St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church in Issaquah, Washington started its life as a house organ project by the builder. Work began in 1979 and continued for approximately three years; it never reached a playable condition. When the organ became available for sale, St. Michael & All Angels parish explored the possibilities for this pipe organ for their Church. After careful consideration, a contract was signed for the installation of Opus I into their facilities.

Opus I of Marceau & Associates is a 2 manual and pedal organ with electric key and stop action. It contains 8 stops, 10 ranks, and 618 pipes. New pipework was supplied by August Laukhuff of Germany; there is one rank of recycled pipes (Holzgedeckt) which has been modified to fit into the new tonal design. The windchests are made of Philippine mahogany, the case is made of red oak, and the console is made of red oak and black walnut. Tonally, the instrument has the resources of a 1 manual pipe organ duplexed to 2 manuals for greater musical flexibility. The 2 Flute stops (Holzgedeckt and Koppelflšte) provide a delicacy of sound and colorful character; the 3 Principal stops (Principal, Octave, and Mixture) provide clarity of tone and a solid foundation of sound; the mutation stops (Nasard and Tierce) provide harmonic coloration and sizzle; the reed stop (Dulzian) provides a unique flavor of reed tone to round out the stoplist.


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