St. Michael's Lutheran Church

Portland, Oregon

Marceau and Associates Opus 2

Marceau & Associates Opus II, 1988

 Choir (I) Great (II) Swell (III) Pedal
16' Violone (ext.) 16' Pommer 16' Lieblich Gedeckt 32' Untersatz (elec ext.)
8' Gedeckt 8' Prinzipal 8' Prinzipal * 16' Prinzipal
8' Viola 8' Rohrflöte 8' Holzgedeckt (ext.) 16' Subbass
8' Viola Celeste t.c. 4' Oktave 8' Salicional 16' Lieblich Gedeckt (Sw)
4' Prinzipal 4' Waldflöte * 8' Voix Celeste (t.c.) 16' Violone (Ch)
4' Koppelflöte 2 ⅔' Nasard * 4' Oktave 8' Oktave (ext. 4')
2 ⅔' Nasat 2' Oktave 4' Flute Harmonique 8' Gedecktbass (ext.)
2' Oktave 1 ⅗' Tierce* 2' Oktave (ext.) 8' Holzgedeckt (Sw)
2' Blockflöte * 1 ⅓' Mixture V 2' Gedecktflöte (ext.) 4' Choral Bass
1 ⅗' Terz t.c. 8' Trompette 1' Scharff IV 2 ⅔' Mixture III
1 ⅓' Larigot (ext.) 8' Trompette en Chamade 8' Trumpet 32' Faggot (elect. ext.)
⅔' Zimbel III 8' Oboe 16' Posaune (Sw ext.)
8' Krummhorn 4' Clarion (ext.) 4' Clarion (Sw)
8' Trompette en Chamade (Gt) Tremulent
Tremulent Zimbelstern

* Prepared stops


The St. Michael's organ began life as a two manual and pedal instrument by the Kimball firm for the All Saints Episcopal Cathedral in Spokane, before it was moved by Balcom & Vaughan to St. Michael's with a few modifications in January of 1960, as a three manual and pedal instrument of 14 ranks with 860 pipes. Nine ranks of original pipework have been recycled into the new instrument, revoiced and modified to fit the new design.

The completed Marceau instrument at St. Michael's is a three manual and pedal organ of 32 independent registers with 43 ranks, controlled by 47 stops. It contains 2,403 pipes. With five reeds, a mixture in each division, celestes and mutations, the design is intended to be eclectic, so that music of most periods and styles is playable, leading to good variety in worship leadership.

A major feature of the design is the horizontally mounted "Trompette en Chamade" at the base of the free-standing oak Great case. This stop of a bright solo trumpet, has its origins in Spanish organs of the Renaissance and Baroque, and is used to highlight strong melodic lines. The facade of the Great case is made up of the lowest notes of the 8' Prinzipal stop. The pipes are a visually stunning design, alternating flamed copper and polished tin.


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