Memorial Lutheran Church
Vancouver, WA

Marceau Pipe Organ Builders Opus 13

Marceau & Associates Opus XIII, 1997 

 Choir (I) Great (II) Swell (III) Pedal
8' Principal 16' Gemshorn (ext.) 16' Bourdon (ext.) 32' Bourdon (digital ext.)
8' Holzgedeckt 8' Principal 8' Rohrflute 16' Open Wood
8' Erzahler 8' Doppleflute 8' Salicional 16' Subbass
8' Erzahler Celeste (t.c.) 8' Harmonic Flute 8' Voix Celeste (t.c.) 16' Gemshorn (Gt)
4' Octave 8' Gemshorn 4' Principal 16' Bourdon (Sw)
4' Rohrflute 4' Octave 4' Nachthorn 8' Principal
2' Super Octave 4' Gemshorn (ext.) 2 ⅔' Nasard 8' Gedeckt (ext.)
1 ⅓' Larigot 2' Super Octave 2' Octavin 8' Rohrflute (Sw)
1' Scharff III 1 ⅓' Mixture IV 1 ⅗' Tierce 4' Choralbass (ext.)
8' Clarinet 8' Trompete 2' Mixture IV 4' Flute (ext.)
Chimes 16' Bassoon (ext.) 2' Mixture IV
Tremulent 8' Trompette 32' Bassoon (digital ext. Sw)
8' Hautbois 16' Posaune
8' Regal  16' Bassoon (Sw)
4' Oboe Clarion (ext.)  8' Trumpet (ext.)
Tremulent  4' Clarion (ext.) 


The new instrument for Memorial Lutheran builds on the resources of the previous instrument, which had become unreliable. The pipes were repaired, revoiced, and rescaled to achieve the new cohesive, musical ensemble necessary for solo literature and inspiring worship. Additional pipes were introduced, including those in the facade, to augment and expand the instrument's tonal resources.

New electro-pneumatic windchests were designed and constructed in the Marceau shop, emulating the speech of a mechanical action organ. A new winding system was designed and installed making use of wedge bellows for expressive air supply. Wooden keyboards with "tracker touch," a solid state multi-level combination action, and MIDI are included in the refurbished console.

The three manual, 35 stop, 46 rank instrument is located in the rear gallery and includes a simple facade of polished tin from the 8' Principal. The facade and remodeled chambers project the sound of the 2,640 pipes into the room.


Hear Marceau Opus VII

Hear Marceau Opus VII as featured on PipeDreams in a performance by Barbara Harbach.

listen-icon-smListen to excerpt #1.
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See the shop in action

The shop, crew, and Opus IV, were the focus of a feature at Seattle Refined.

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