Richmond Beach United Church of Christ
Seattle, WA

Marceau Pipe Organ Builders Opus 14

Marceau Pipe Organ Builders Opus XIV, 1997

 Great (I) Swell (II) Pedal
8' Principal 8' Holzgedeckt 16' Subbass
8' Rohrflöte 8' Salicional 8' Principalbass (ext.)
4' Octave 8' Voix Celeste (t.c.) 8' Gedekctbass (ext.)
2' Super Octave 4' Spitzflöte 4' Octavebass
1 ⅓' Mixture IV 2 ⅔' Sesquialtera II 4' Flötenbass (ext.)
8' Fagott (Sw) 2' Blockflöte 16' Fagott (ext.)
Chimes 8' Fagott 8' Fagott (Sw)
Tremulent 4' Fagott (Sw)


With a new cantilevered case of Spanish Cedar for the Great and Pedal and a redesigned chamber layout for the Swell, this 2 manual, 14 stop, 18 rank instrument is both a visual and aural delight. The facade is of polished zinc from the 8' Principal.

The new design more than doubled the size and resources of the previous instrument, adding rich tonal choruses and colors. New slider windchests were designed to fit into a compact space, and yet maintain good access for tuning and maintenance.

The layout of the instrument allows the more than 1,000 pipes to speak clearly into the room. The organ is capable of leading worship very well, as well as performing solo literature.


Hear Marceau Opus VII

Hear Marceau Opus VII as featured on PipeDreams in a performance by Barbara Harbach.

listen-icon-smListen to excerpt #1.
listen-icon-smListen to excerpt #2.




See the shop in action

The shop, crew, and Opus IV, were the focus of a feature at Seattle Refined.

Read the article, and watch the video, here.

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