Pullman Prebyterian Church
Pullman, WA

Marceau Pipe Organ Builders Opus 20

Marceau Pipe Organ Builders Opus XX, 2001

 Great (I) Swell (II) Pedal
16' Praestant (ext.) 16' Bourdon (ext.) 32' Undersatz (digital)
8' Prestant 8' Principal 16' Prestant (Gt)
8' Rohrflute 8' Gedeckt 16' Bourdon (Sw)
8' Gemshorn (Sw) 8' Gemshorn 8' Prestant (Gt)
4' Octave 8' Gemshorn Celeste (t.c.) 8' Rohrflute (Gt)
4' Koppelflute 4' Octave (ext.) 8' Gedeckt (Sw)
2 ⅔' Quinte 4' Nachthon 4' Prestant (Gt)
2' Super Octave (ext.) 2 ⅔' Cornet II 4' Nachthorn (Sw)
1 ⅓' Mixture IV 2' Open Flute (ext.) 2' Mixture III (Sw ext.)
8' Trumpet (Sw) 1' Scharff III 32' Harmonics VIII (derived)
8' Trompete en Chamade 8' Trumpet 16' Posaune (Sw ext.)
Chimes 8' Hautbois 16' Contra Hautbois (Sw ext.)
8' Trompete en Chamade (Gt) 8' Trumpet (Sw)
Tremulent 8' Trompete en Chamade (Gt)
4' Clarion (Sw)
4' Clarion en Chamade (Gt)

This organ replaced a small instrument installed by the Reuter firm in the 1960's. An entirely new Great division was constructed including a facade of flamed copper Prestant pipes and a Trompette en Chamade. The organ now features 22 ranks over 16 independent stops with 1,450 pipes. It ranks among the largest instruments in the area.

The console was refurbished to accomodate the nearly tripled size. This included new stop and combination actions with solid state electronics for reliable service. The new organ was dedicated in the fall of 2001.


Hear Marceau Opus VII

Hear Marceau Opus VII as featured on PipeDreams in a performance by Barbara Harbach.

listen-icon-smListen to excerpt #1.
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See the shop in action

The shop, crew, and Opus IV, were the focus of a feature at Seattle Refined.

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